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How To Seek Justice After A Rideshare Accident

Taking an Uber or Lyft ride home after a night on the town is usually the safest option when compared to getting behind the wheel after a few drinks. Whether you are trying to get home from the bar or catch a ride to the airport with a rideshare app, we are placing our safety in the hands of a stranger. If your rideshare trip ended with an accident, you may have a hard time covering your injury costs without legal guidance.

At the Law Office of Jeffrey A. Jones, P.A., we have been representing the legal needs of injured clients throughout Minnesota for decades. We know the hardships that come with a car accident, and we want to be the ones who help make you as whole as possible after your crash. In complicated accident claims like these, we take the time to untangle the mess and go after the liable party for fair compensation.

Accurately Pursuing Your Settlement

In a rideshare accident, there are many parties that could be liable. For every client we represent, we look at the unique details of their situation to determine what the best course of action is, including filing their injury claim against the party who is most liable for their injuries, including:

  • The driver/rideshare driver that hit you
  • The driver of your vehicle
  • The employer of the driver that caused the accident

You may be surprised to learn that the rideshare company could be liable for your injuries, but it is possible. If the company fails to properly screen a driver’s background to confirm whether they are a safe driver or overlooked this information in their screening, they may be on the hook for negligent hiring.

Our goal as your legal representation is to maximize the compensation you receive from your injury claim while minimizing the time it takes to do it. We know how urgently our clients may need this money, and we do not waste any time in their legal matters.

Leave The Fighting To Us

When companies get involved with a personal injury claim, they often fight tooth and nail to minimize or eliminate any liability they have. Instead of standing up to them on your own while tending to your health after your accident, allow us to fight for you. Call our Golden Valley office at 612-234-2992 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.